Why Whine When You Can Wine?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The time was too early.

The heat was too hot.

The hike was too far.

The tour guide was too fast.

I was too sweaty.

But what about the journey?

The views were too amazing.

The nature was too beautiful.

The ocean was too grand.

The people are too cool.

The experience was too awesome

To complain.

So why whine?

I was blessed with a healthy body that can take on the highest of hills, the steepest of cliffs, the most massive waves and the rockiest of journeys. This short but steep five mile hike made me realize that I am lucky to be living and lucky to have the opportunity to explore this amazing Earth.

It really set in for me that I am across the globe. I am seeing places that some people only dream of seeing. In just a few months this opportunity will be over, so from here on you won’t hear me complain or whine, it’s not worth the waste of breath. Instead i’ll put that energy into going and seeing and taking advantage of all the opportunities this country has to offer - one which is WINE -

Sunday morning, bright and early I boarded the bus for a Hunter Valley Wine tour! I was amazed to discover that there are 150 wineries in the Hunter Valley; I was lucky enough to stop by four one which included a Vodka Distillery for tastings! I learned that:- Velvet Shiraz is my favorite red wine, unfortunately Shiraz is best in Australia so looks like I’ll only be enjoying it here !- Moscato can taste like cotton candy and all the sugars are natural woohoo!- Pinot Gris pairs well with Brie (however, my lactose allergy didn't pair well with that combo).- No Chardonnay tastes the same, the longer the grapes stay on the vine the better they taste.- Vodka distilled five times is super smooth. - Save the kiss of fire shot for last, it’s hotter than the Australian sun.

I’ve learned so much about this country and about myself in just a few, short weeks.

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