Soul Searching

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I thought I had lost something…

my creativity,

my self-control,

my desire.

But I was unsure what I was searching for…

a stress relief,

an escape,

an adventure.

My journey began in the Great Smokey Mountaints trekking to Mount Le Conte with befuddled expectations. The purpose of hiking is to see the view from the top, right? Wrong.

It didn’t matter what I saw from the top of that mountain, what mattered were the steps I took to get there. Steps that slid through snow, trembled across a bridge, wandered beneath a cave and soaked through water. Steps that marched uphill and scurried downhill. Steps that followed and lead. These mountains moved me to become one with nature. My soul was tuned to the peace and stillness; I embraced the opportunity to isolate myself and allow the brisk wind to carry my thoughts like ashes scattered atop a mountain.

I can’t begin to facet words to describe the view. “Breathtaking” is too literal and “Beautiful” doesn’t serve its justice; it was Heaven on Earth. Looking out to a minute portion of God’s wonderful creation I realized that I am to that mountain, what that mountain is to the world; therefore, I am a mountain. My life is not about where I get to - I’d be going forever. My life is the moments that create me. The broken bridges, the upward struggles, the crossing paths and the rocky surface mold me, driven to reach God’s heaven.

My journey doesn’t end just because I reach the peak. Although vast amounts of determination, effort and labor were put forth to reaching the top, I realized you can fall back down in half the time. Success shouldn’t be a stopping point, it should be a view along a greater climb.

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