Big, Bright and Blue

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

That’s right I’m talking about the beach! I spent the past weekend celebrating Australia day by playing in the sand, soaking up the sun and sipping drinks by the dock.


After visiting the Taronga zoo Friday morning, my gal Ashton and I caught the ferry to Manly beach where my preconceived expectations of Sydney, Australia came to life. Tanned bodies flooded the streets as we wandered past the sweet scent of ice cream shops, gazing at the beautiful dresses in boutique windows while listening to the sound of live music in corner bars.

As my toes hit the sand I stood in awe - my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean! The water was freezing cold and the waves were enormous but the sight was astonishing. We laid in the sand for a few hours until the sun began to set and breeze sent chills down my spine. We decided to get dinner at Criniti’s where I had the best strawberry mojito and tried Kangaroo for the first time! It was definitely an experience to be remembered.


It’s Australia Day and so much is happening - some friends and I grab our beach towels and tanning oil and head to Bondi, one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. Surfers, tourists and Sydneysiders are sprawled across the white-sand in the beaming sun. Teenage boys are skateboarding nearby while strangers are celebrating the day at the iconic Icebergs pool. After soaking in the sun for a few hours, some of us hit a nearby cafe where I cooled off with a strawberry daiquiri and munched on sweet potato chips (yumm!) A few more hours in the blazing heat and we headed back with horrendous tan lines. To end the evening we watched the firework show and celebrated the holiday in the heart of Sydney.


The only thing scary about this Sunday was my tan line but that didn’t stop me. Off I went with my three best roomies and a few more friends for a relaxing day at Maroubra. This hot spot for surfers is less famous than Bondi and not as touristy as surrounding beaches so it was the perfect spot to spend our Sunday. After baking in the sun for a few hours we got lunch at Mirini cafe before exploring the streets of the suburb, checking out the local surf shops (hot surfer boys) and trying fresh Açaí bowls. Before long the breeze picked up causing the sand to blow in every direction so we boarded the bus and headed back with another successful beach day in the bag!

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