Here to help you build your brand's identity and reach your ideal client through strategic design and communication.


Creative Co.

Hannah's Creative Co. offers personal and business branding, content creation, graphic design, social media management, digital marketing, and more!

I know that sounds like a lot but with strategic planning, purposeful design, and intentional communication, I'll assist you in sharing your story and scaling your business.

Hannah is also well-versed in the digital marketing space, helping clients create a meaningful presence to their online market. 

The Process




I believe the words we say hold a lot of power. The power to explain, express, and emphasize. The words you use to communicate your brand are equally as important as your visual identity. Together, we will dig deep into your story, your client, your products, and your purpose to build a brand that accurately communicates verbally and visually the value of your brand.

My process is grounded in strategy, discovering who you are, what you do and why you do it, with the goal of creating content that's authentic to who you are as a brand.


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I'm Hannah -  writer, designer, content creator.


My current role is with the UT Center for Global Engagement as a Communications Assistant/ Marketing Coordinator/ Social Media Manager (I wear a lot of hats under the umbrella of communications!)

However, that is just my day job.

I've been juggling "side-hustles" since I was sixteen.

Currently, I am also a fitness trainer, working on my certification in health coaching, in the beginning stages of launching my own holistic health and wellness brand, while offering freelance creative services through Hannah's Creative Co. 

I'm running out of space for all of these hats...

I am passionate about working with like-minded individuals who are creating their space in this world, delivering to their audience, and standing true to their personal brand.  I help you understand the "why" behind your business to  build an authentic brand that communicates your purpose and speaks to the soul of your target client. 


"We are completely booked for February and I have to thank you for that!! Website is perfect!!"

Mallory Geismar, Signal Lawn Party